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 Wheel Probe 2
Unrivalled in the field of composite inspection and corrosion monitoring in terms of speed and ease of use, in addition to achieving excellent results.
Typical applications included: Corrosion Mapping, Marine Inspection, Aerospace Fuselage, Aerospace Large Area scanning and Automotive Testing.
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Phased Array Transducers

We offer a wide range of Sonatest transducers to support Veo3 and Prisma Phased Array.

The DAAH (Detachable Active Head) range provides a unique phased array transducer solution using standard cables and a range of detachable transducer heads. This concept yields advantages in cost and gives the end user more flexibility in the field during the inspection process. Moreover the cables are available in different length or also with a dual sockets option which eliminate the need for phased array splitter box.
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The X-Series range offers a broader choice in transducer specifications (frequency, element size or quantity) together with the assurance of industry standard configurations. These X-Series phased array transducers have an integral 2.5 m cable but can also be delivered with a 5 m option. The X-Series transducers are now delivered with a quick I-PEX latch connector including an adaptor bracket that is compatible with any standard I-PEX instrument.
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Curved Array
Designed to inspect radius in carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) corners, the Curved Array range is mainly dedicated to composite applications (aerospace, marine, automotive…). The standard package includes a curved array transducer (5MHz, 32 elements) a curved delay line, the transducer holder, an encoder and the water irrigation system. This solution is fully compatible with all phased array Sonatest systems.
Developed in consultation with aerospace manufacturers for scanning long stringer components where access to the stringer radius is critical. Using a solid hard-wearing rubber shoe, and moulded plastic hand grip, this transducer is also suited to scanning large curved parts. The stringer transducer range can be supplied with different frequencies, a standard 64 or larger 112 element array and is delivered with one or two high resolution encoders to ensure 100% coverage at each end of the part to inspect.